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How To Change Your In-game Font

Can fix messed up text.

Author: gueber.

Type: Technical.




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How to change your font
My in-game font wasn't displaying right so I figured out how to change it.

Now I will explain how to change your font if it looks wrong.

Note all instructions are for Windows XP, I don't have Vista so I can't help you there.
Also note if anyone is missing the registry entries described below (will probably happen if you reinstall windows and not the game) then you need to reinstall your game.

Find the registry value. Go to "Start", and then "Run...", and type in "regedit". No quotes.
Now navigate to MY COMPUTER\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zemi Interactive\4story\settings
You should see a list of settings on the right side, you will be changing the font value so find that.

To change the value you will select "Font" then right click on it and go to "Modify" then type in the new value.
Write down the old value before you change it in case you want to go back to it later.
After trying many fonts on my computer, Tahoma was the only one that made the in-game text display correctly, so try changing it to Tahoma. Now start your game to see how it looks.

If you would like to try other fonts, or that one doesn't work for you then go to C:\Windows\Fonts. Right click and go to open to view a font. The Typeface name is the value you need to enter into the registry to try that font.

So if you want to try Arial (TrueType) you enter Arial into the font value in your registry.