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Complete Knight Guide Until Level 50

The do's and dont's for professional knights

Author: Mynsc.

Type: General.



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LAST UPDATE: 23.08.2006

This is for all you knight users that want to build a strong, useful in parties, efficient on soloing and feared in PvP character.

1. Evolution
Until level 50 knights level the hardest because of their small damage and non lethal skills (by this I mean nothing close to the staggering blow of the archer or shockwave/normal damage of mages). They also are the biggest consumers of medium meds so be prepared to spend millions on healing. But for the ones who make it to level 50 the reward is more than satisfying :wink: . Why? Because they can become vagabond knights (2nd job) and also use the 2 handed g50 sword at its maximum potential (there are 3 types of these swords->Giant Sword , Revengeful Sword , Butterfly Shaped Giant Sword ). So, with the help of the vagabond skills (powerfull upward slash aka pus and brutal attack being the most important ones) and with the enourmous damage of the g50+ 2 handed swords knights become the biggest bruisers(2k damage easily reached even by a lvl 50 vaga) => they level the easiest, are very popular in parties, deadly in PvP (with the help of their stun attacks: Flashing Slash, Rush and shield Attack for those who will still use a 1handed sword).
There is also a second class option when reaching level 50 and that is the Commander. These are defence/party based knights (they will eventually be able to revive and heal between other buffs they can apply on themselves and the party). They can use the 2 handed sword but that means they have to loose the shield (same as vagabonds) and its just not rentable for them (they have a few skills like Shield Offense that need a shield).
This was only a brief description with the goal of preparing/informing every starting knight about the path he is on biggrin.gif
2. Party issues
The only use in a party for a knight the same level as the other members (archers, mages) is tanking. But unfortunetly most knights don't know how to do it or how to make themselfs good at it. So here are a few important tips.
--- What is a tank/behaviour of one: a char that can take a decent amount of hits (thats why knights are best suited for this) but in the same time cause enough hostility to the monster so it doesn't attack anyone else (this is where the problem for us knights appears). In a party with a good tank its very hard to die even against purple mobs. The tank constantly attracts every monster to him (using mockery/provocation skills) and then keeps attacking it , a mage takes care of him by healing and the other members of the party attack non-stop without the worry of being surounded my mobs. In case a monster spawns and attacks the other party members the duty of the tank is to immediatly attract the critter to him EVEN if he already has some other monsters attacking him.
--- One of the most overlooked skills of a knight is Portect (it should be Protect but the koreans got it wrong again). It can be cast only on party members and it reduces the hostility they inflict on mobs. This way the chance of a monster escaping from you and attacking the party member that you cast it on decreases dramatically. Its VERY usefull in parties, its essencial for efficient tanking so USE IT as much as you can. NOTE: the cooldown time for the skill is pretty long so use it on mages first (they have the weakest defence, lowest health so they are the most exposed on their normal damage is very high so there is a risk of attracting the mob )
--- Mockery/Provocation. These are used for luring monsters from a big group by increasing the hostility of the monster towards you which leads to it attacking. Provocation is the upgrade of Mockery. Again, these skills are essencial for a good tank and they can proove useful in other situations too (like getting back on a kser tongue.gif ). So, when tanking, use one of these skills(or even one after the other because they have separate cooldowns) on each monster because it will give you an advantage in hostility and thus you'll be able to keep the monster from attacking the other party members.
--- Don't relly only on the mage healing you. When in trouble use meds without any hesitation. Loosing a couple of geons is way better than dying.
--- Don't unequip your strength accesories and put health ones unless the risk of death is big. Its useless to have lots of health if you don't damage the monster enough to keep it from attacking the other party members.
--- Use the macro feature (and I'm not talking about spamming your uber item all around fort). You should have a bind that alerts the party the time is for running and not fighting and one to tell them you need mana (which is very important because you can't cast Mockery and can't use TB without it).

This may not be the most popular build but as I see it is by far the most efficient.
STRENGTH: 90 (this is a must no matter the build you're going for)
HEALTH: 70 (not before pumping the agility to 48)
AGILITY: 48 (why 48?...because wasting 2 points more until 50 is useless because no evasion or on target points are added...unless you take into consideration the gear in the end its up to you).
1. Stat distribution in time
So the first thing you should do is concentrate on getting the str to 60, then put points equally only in health and agility. When you get the agility to 48 and health to 50 stop and concentrate on getting the strength to 90. Then go for health only until 70. From this point on strength should be your main goal again, and occasionally investing points in health or agility (according to your prefferences). There is no golden rule but one thing is for sure: plan ahead and do your stats depending on what class you are gonna choose at level 50.
2. Why add agility?
On target points are critical for archers and knights so its best to have as many as possible. Strength adds 1 on target point every 3 steps and agility adds every 7,..(almost 8) steps . So when you need 3 stat points to raise 1 strength, in order to get 1 otp you have to invest 9 stat points...BUT until it reaches 50, 1 agility requires 1 stat point so in order to get 1 otp you have to invest only 7 stat points. So its common logic to invest 50 points in agility instead of putting them into strength because you get more otp, plus you gather a decent amount of evasion and some damage (less than you would get from strength, but this is irrelevant). I advise people to pump agility early (before getting the strength to 90) because i noticed with low level monsters (until devil soldiers) even the smallest agility bonus can really soften the damage you take.
Adding more than 50 agility is like I said a matter of preferences (I think I'm gonna try it tongue.gif). Even if 1 strength will require 4 points that would mean 12 points for 1 otp, while agility would add 1 otp every minimum 14 its no longer better at otp than strength. But in the same time it pumps damage and adds evasion.

Ok ok...even the most efficient stat distribution cannot make you good if your skills are twisted (trust me...I know biggrin.gif ). So here how your skills should look like:
Weapon Mastery(available at level 1) -> Max it to 20 as soon as you can. Don't get scared that it adds otp and damage every 2 grades...its Very useful!!!! At grade 1: +1 attack, 0 otp || grade 10: +6 attack, +5 otp || grade 20(max): +11 attack, +10 otp.
Lightning Slash(level 5) -> This is a very delicate subject. The skill is very useful when low level BUT its upgrades suck (Upward Slash and Widening Wound) and also it consumes 10 skills points which is a lot! So here it depends on you. You can take it and max it but be prepared to spend money on a stone of chance for resetting it around level 30. My advice is that its wiser to think long term and not even activate it. It will be a little harder at the begining but this way you'll only be better prepared for what will come . If you don't use skill points on it you won't suffer from the lack of them later on (considering you have all your quests done up to date).
Critical Hit(level 10) -> If you decided not to take Lighning Slash this should be even more important than Weapon put points into it as often as you can. If you took Lightning Slash (again...I don't reccomend it)...put points into it as often as you can biggrin.gif. Its DEADLY later on!!! At grade 1: 1% probability, 52% additional damage || grade5: 5%probability, 60% additional damage || grade 10: 10% probability, 70% additional damage || grade 15(max): 10% probability, 80% additional damage. The difference may not seem much but think about the fact that when you'll be able to max it you'll do 2k damage and adding 80% more at every 10 attacks is really really nice.
Mockery(level 15) -> Hehe...delicate subject again. Until now I reccomended to everyone to max it. Why? the Party issues section about tanking. You will also need it maxed for getting its upgrade...Provocation. BUT, the thing is lack of skill points is big and if you put more than 2 points in mockery you wont have enough skill points for the level 50+ skills. So my reccomendation now is if you're planning to go Vagabond, put only 1 or 2 points in it. If you're going Commander, I think the best option would be to max it and keep it like that until you put your hands on the Portect 2 skill. Mockery adds 200 hostility at grade 1, 350 at grade 2.....800 at grade 5 (max).
Upward Slash(level 24) -> Bleahh, Yuck, disgusting !!!!
Shield Attack(level 25) -> you get it automatickly at level 25 and you can't put any points in it but USE it in duels. It can stun the opponent depending on the level difference between you and him. Its the only chance knights have of defeating mages and archers until we get to that marvelous level 50 biggrin.gif.
Portect -> Describes in the party section. you get it the same as shield attack, you can't upgrade it but you MUST USE it!
Beheading -> Useless!!! laugh.gif
Defence(level 30) -> It basically increases the chance of evading attacks, especially ranged ones. Its a skill to get but careful because if you choose vagabond class at level 50 you won't be able to use it anymore (it requires a shield). Instead, the vagabond skill parry is aparently based on max it out no matter the class you're gonna choose at the 2nd job change (thanks to Dahmer and Smarcs for pointing this out). At grade1: +1% chance of blocking melee attack, +4% chance of blocking a ranged attack || grade 5: +5%, +8% || grade 10: +10%, +13% || grade 12 (the max you can add until level 50): +12%, +15% || grade 15(max): +15%, +18%.
Transcendental Blow(level 30) -> This is the skill you'll be using a very looong time. It makes awsome damage to the enemy and as a bonus it increases its hostility towards you with 200%. So if you do 600 dmg on the monster, its hostility towards you will increase with 600 + 600 * 2. So this makes it excellent for tanking, its also very usefull when soloing(especially when maxed because the chances of missing and charging time will decrease), and its needed for Flashing Slash. At grade 1 it adds 200 damage, 2 otp and takes 0.55 seconds to execute. When reaching grade 5 (max) it gives 400 extra damage, 10 otp and takes only 0.35 seconds to charge.
Flashing Slash(level 39) -> It the used in combination with Transcendental Blow. The damage it adds its not impressive, but its main advantages are the stun and the bonus of hostility it inflicts. It can stun both creatures and players, and the chance to stun depends on the level difference between the target and you. It only has 3 grades so getting it to max efficiency is reccomended.
Provocation(level 41) -> Its the upgrade of Mockery, every thing that has been said about Mockery is available for it too. It adds 1000 hostility at grade 1, 1200 at grade 2 and 1400 at grade 3 (max). It also has bigger range than Mockery.
Increasing Concentration(level 42) -> It adds 3 otp for 15 minutes. Its almost like getting 3 otp permanently because you can easily activate it back when it runs out, so its a very good skill to have. It only has 1 grade...unfortunately smile.gif

1. Weapons
Here are the good swords and the bad swords for us knights.
G1 - G37 -> There is only one type of weapon for each grade so there is no problem here. The only advice I can give you is DO NOT use any talismans of intensification on these swords...just a waste of money. The only good thing you could do is search for a veteran, strong or expert sword.
PRICES: G17->1k - 2k || G21->3k || G25->4k-5k || G29->9k-10k || G33->15k-17k || G37->28k-30k
These prices are the reccomended ones for buying a clean weapon of the coresponding grade from private shops.
G40 -> There are 3 types of swords in this category. First one (and the worst ) is Red HwanDoo Big Sword (74-184 dmg, 55 otp). DO NOT use this sword...the low otp and huge damage range makes it VERY unsecure and inefficient . Second is HwanDoo SaeHyung Big Sword (104-146 dmg, 60 otp). This is the sword you can buy from npc's and its good at the low levels. If you build yourself a really good one (+13... attack) you could even keep it until you can use g45 . The third and THE BEST is White HwanDoo Big Sword (98-139 dmg, 67 otp). This is the most expensive but its definatly worth it. High otp and small damage range makes it efficient and reliable biggrin.gif
G45 -> There are 2 types of these swords. First one is Maegak Hwandoo Saehyung Big Sword (115-149 dmg, 57 otp, 150 health points). It is considered the weakest of the 2 because of its very very low otp. I agree and don't reccomend it even if it adds 150 health (the only advantage it has over the other one). Hwandoo Saehyung Big Sword with Pattern of Leaf (82-210 dmg, 69 otp, 100 health points, 50 mana) its the most popular.
G48 -> Some people preffer to keep they're g45 until level 50 than passing to these swords. I say that if you have the money is good to pass to these ones, but not before you put all the desired talismans on it (very expensive). Here are the 3 swords available for this grade: Savage Tribe's Treasure Sword (113-195 dmg, 200 health points, 1 strength,1 health, 68 otp), Savage Tribe's Tiger Teeth Sword (121-203dmg, 150 health points, 2 strngth, 64 otp)[/u][/b] If you get a drop consisting in one of the unpopular swords, the best thing to do is enchant it with talismans of attack until it breaks. This way you'll get revision stones and make more money faster.
TIP -> Buy already enchanted swords. It may take a while until you find one that you like but its way cheaper and safer.
TIP -> A cool thing to do with a G37 in case you have money to spend and want an uber noob sword is to enchant it with a 6/14 physical attack or kings. If the main effects of these talis succeed, the sword will become G37+3, thus making it G40. This means that you'll be able to put attack talis on it, making it much better and pretty unique smile.gif. Goodluck

Awaiting feedback on the already existing info and Sugestions of What more to add
After you read the guide...DONT FORGET TO VOTE PLEASE smile.gif