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Full Knight's Skills V1.01

list of the knight's skills and stats

Author: rveach. Type: Skills.
Class:Knight. Job:All.
Average rating: 8.6
Total Votes: 45

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The following is a list of all skills for the knight and the descriptive stats for each grade.
Thanks to Dahmer and everyone I constantly pestered for all the help ypu gave.

Note: This guide is not to tell you what skills to get but to help you decide when and where to put your skill points as you play the game.
Note2: Please pm of any mistakes/errors you see here.

skill_grade = is the skill's grade
range = the range required for the skill (default's to you char's normal attack range)
weapon_range = same as range
charge time = time required to charge up the skill before use (default's to your char's normal attack charge time)
weapon_speed = same as charge time
cooldown = time required after the skill is used before it can be used again (default's to your char's normal attack cooldown time)

Charge time and cool down's values are in milliseconds.
1,000 milliseconds = 1 second
60,000 milliseconds = 1 minute