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MU Online Guides

Building A Dark Wizard

Everything you need to know on building one.

Author: mu-_-n00b.

Type: General.

Class:Dark Wizard.


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Building a Dark Wizard

Copyright: This guide has been given right to be posted by sources of my choosing, right now it currently can be posted only by MUHQ and MUONLINE.COM (if they choose to use this). If you would like this guide on your site, contact me at and ill get back to you with a reply A.S.A.P.

Ok well this is my first guide so bear with meÖ

So youíve chosen your class to be a Dark Wizard? Thereís a couple things you should know first:

1. Dark Wizards are the hardest class to level up in MU, and as being the hardest also require a lot of patience.
2. Dark Wizards are arguably THE strongest class available in MU.
3. Mastering the Dark Wizard takes a lot of patience, practice, and time.
4. Dark Wizards are also one of the most costly classes to play, they have to buy health potions, mana potions, armor, scrolls, and in the end come out to be a large pain in the ass to work with, but the payoff for all that hard work is more than rewarding.
5. Due to all the power that the DW can have, and to fit the average mage description in nearly every RPG, DWís have very low hp and really poor defense.

A. Scrolls- Mana cost and Energy cost
B. Equipment to use
C. Training Levels 1-200
D. Becoming a Soul Master
E. Mastering the Dark Wizardís PvP
F. Excellent Item Information
G. The Dark Wizardís Wings
H. Chaos Machine
I. The Future of Dark Wizardís

E= Energy needed to learn the spell
M= Mana consumed for each cast
A. Scrolls- Mana Cost and Energy Cost

Energy Ball- 3M, itís the basic starting spell for all Dark Wizardís, no scrolls required.

Fire Ball- 40E, 3M, itís the second spell available to Dark Wizardís, nothing really special.

Power Wave- 57E, 5M, great low level spell, works very well until you can use Meteor.

Lightning- 72E, 15M, obviously like the spell says, it casts lightning that can move the target around the map, not really good for anything other than PvPing due to the mana cost being so high.

Teleport-88E, 30M, this is THE scroll you will use to survive at lower levels, without it your as good as dead.

Meteor- 104E, 12M,a decent spell for the mid level Dark Wizard, low mana cost for moderate damage.

Ice- 120E, 38M, an ok spell really only useful when itís combined with the poison spell, high mana cost makes it a waste to use for killing creatures.

Poison- 140E, 42M, once again itís an ok spell, not useful for killing creatures since most of the creatures worth killing are immune to it, as for itís combo with ice, thatís really only useful in PvP.

Flame- 160E, 50M, this is where your power is going to start to come from, little high mana cost at first, but it hits for HIGH damage and usually hits at least 2 times, can hit multiple targets.

Twister- 180E, 60M, decent scroll, goes out in a straight line and can hit many targets at once for multiple hits.

Evil Spirit- 220E, 90M, awesome spell, hits everything on the screen, misses a bit but still works effectively.

Hell Fire- 260E, 160M, still THE spell in my opinion, creates a sort of star shaped ring of fire (oxymoron?) and hits everything in its radius, which isnít very far, but when big mobs are around you, it works wonders, a slow attack unfortunately but high damage.

Aqua Flash- 345E, 140M, similar to Hell Fire, but instead it launches a straight beam that hits anything in its path, slightly weaker than Hell Fire but with slightly more speed.

B. Equipment to use
Ok now weíre getting into the iffy stuff, here itís all personal preference. I will put the most commonly used equipment in here, if you want more detail then look at the equipment section on the site. What Iíve listed here should be steps to helping a mage achieve his ultimate armor goal (keep in mind that the excellent armor is not including the options)


Pad Set +4+12
Defense: 141
Strength Requirement: 51

Bone Set +4+12
Defense: 163
Strength Requirement: 72

Sphinx Set +4+12
Defense: 182
Strength Requirement: 92

Legendary Set +7+12 | +9+12
Defense: 248 | 278
Strength Required: 124 | 131

Excellent Bone Set +7+12 | +9+12
Defense: 271 | 301
Strength Requirement: 113 | 120
Excellent Sphinx Set +7+12 | +9+12
Defense: 297 | 327
Strength Requirement: 132 | 140

Excellent Legendary Set +7+12 | +9+12 (not in game yet, but hopefully soon J)
Defense: 334 | 364
Strength Requirement: 154 | 161


Skull Staff +4+12 (1 Handed) (20 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 52
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 18-20
Wizardry Damage Rise: 17%

Angelic Staff +4+12 (2 Handed) (20 Speed)
Strength Requirement:57
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 33-36
Wizardry Damage Rise: 24%

Serpent Staff +4+12 (2 Handed) (25 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 95
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 46-48
Wizardry Damage Rise: 31%

Lightning Staff +4+12 (2 Handed) (20 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 96
Agility Requirement: 36
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 58-62
Wizardry Damage Rise: 37%

Gorgon Staff +4+12 (2 Handed) (25 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 128
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 70-76
Wizardry Damage Rise: 43%

Legendary Staff +7+12 | +9+12 (1 Handed) (20 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 152 | 161
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 50-52 | 56-58
Wizardry Damage Rise: 54% | 61%

Chaos Lightning Staff +7+12 | +9+12 (2 Handed) (30 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 204 | 215
Agility Requirement: 48 | 50
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 68-69 | 74-75
Wizardry Damage Rise: 64% | 71%

Staff of Resurrection +7+12 | +9+12 (1 Handed) (20 Speed)
Strength Requirement: 195 | 206
Agility Requirement: 47 | 49
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 91-99 | 97-105
Wizardry Damage Rise: 59% | 66%


Keep in mind when choosing a shield that a shield with a skill is useless to a Dark Wizard, skill shields are for tanking Dark Knights!!!

Round Shield +3+15 | +4+15 (Light Plate Shield)
Strength Requirement: 38 | 45
Defense: 4 | 5

Buckler +4+15
Strength Requirement: 63
Defense: 6
Skull Shield +4+15 | +7+15 | +9+15
Strength Requirement: 109 | 138 | 158
Defense: 9 | 12 | 14
Legendary Shield +7+15 | +9+15
Strength Requirement: 227 | 245
Agility Requirement: 82 | 87
Defense: 14 | 16

C. Leveling Guide

As always having another character that can get you money or items easily is always a help and will help you in making a Dark Wizard, but this guide will be focused on helping out those that donít have all that stuff.

Now remember that even though your pumping strength and not energy right away, your attacks will still be stronger since your going to be able to use better staffs to do the extra damage for you.
Levels 1-8 pump strength to 52 in preparation for a pad set+4+12,a skull staff+4+12, and a round shield +4+15
Levels 8-46 pump nothing but energy to get to 260 for Hell Fire
And now depending on your armor goal, pump the next levels into nothing but strength for the armor that you want to wear, my personal goal is Excellent Sphinx +9+12 with a Chaos Lightning Staff +7+12 so I would go from level 46-83 pumping strength to 204 and agility to 48 (even though my goal is the excellent sphinx, because of the requirements for the CLS, I will be able to wear the Excellent Legendary armor +9+12 when it comes out J).
After you get the stats for the armor you want set, the rest is completely up to you on how to go about dispersing your stats.

Ok now for the guide

Levels 1-4: You should pretty much stay with the budge dragons and spiders, as your pumping strength go and buy a basic pad set for a little bit of protection.
Levels 5-9: I had the pad armor +4+12 and the staff +4+12, so I went straight to the Liches and started killing them by melee for 100+ exp each time. Now in case you were not able to obtain that equipment, then just keep buying better armor (+2 | +3 | +4) as much as you can until you can get that armor. As you level keep in mind that anything dealing you more than 5 damage means its to strong for you right now, so go kill some weaker creatures until you can get some more defense.
Levels 10-14: Here I just went to Noria and partied with some higher levels to kill stone golems, even though your over level 10 most of them will still be happy to party you. The exp is fast and good so getting to level 15 shouldnít be a problem.
Levels 15-29: Here is where you want to move on over to Devias and find some parties there, those higher levels just love the exp that you will give them. Typically try to find either a mage that can use Evil Spirit, a Dark Knight riding a Dinorant, or an agility Elf that is just owning everything. For the best exp find a party that has one dark knight and one elf and level with them. Donít ask someone that has wings to party you, they are too high of a level and wont be able to and youíll do nothing but annoy them.
Levels 30-39: This is where you might have to do a bit of soloing, not many people want anyone above level 30 in their party, I was able to find people that were willing to party me up to level 45, so if you can then kudos, but if not then just go around in Dungeon 1 and kill Ghosts until you get to level 40. If you are following my suggestion for leveling at the top of this section, then the ghosts should be no problem
Levels 40-59: Here its best to just party in the poison bull room in Dungeon 2. Whatís really nice about being a mageÖis where all these other people have to walkÖyou can just teleport over the walls and shave minutes off the time it takes to get there. Donít worry about it if you donít know the way, there are maps on MUHQ if you want to see how to get there yourself, or you could ask someone that you see wandering around in Dungeon 1 and most of them will gladly take you there.
Levels 60-79: This is where you need to get a party together and move on up to Dungeon 3 to kill Dark Knights and the Gorgon. Get an Energy Elf to help you out if you can, but if not then find a good Agility Elf and a good Dark Knight to party with up there. By now you should have decent armor and your Hell Fire spell, if your any armor worse than sphinx +4+12 (which it shouldnít beÖ) then use long ranged attacks, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THE GORGON!!! If your armor is decent though then move up by the Gorgon and start having some fun with Hell Fire or another spell of your choice wink.gif.
Levels 80-120: Here is where you move on to finding parties in the Lost Tower. If you do not have a guild by this point, I strongly suggest you find a good one. Go through LT with parties and have fun racking up the experience. Parties arenít hard to find for a level 80 in LT, once you get to 120 itís more so your guild you have to look to for parties.
Levels 121-150: This is where you should be going around in Devias partying the lower level characters, look for level 15-30ís and see if you cant get yourself an Energy Elf, if you can then head over to the Ice Queens and get some really nice exp there. Remember level 150 is also where you can start working on the quest to become a Soul Master, but as of now you cant talk to the lady in Devias without getting disconnected, ask friends how to become a SM here or check the boards here for the fix.
Levels 151-200: These levels can be gone through at Atlans with parties for the Hydra, be very cautious of the Hydra, even with good armor, IT STILL HURTS!!! >.< Remember to check out the wings section of this guide and see if you cant obtain a pair of wings with the options you want also.

This concludes my leveling section of this guide for the levels further on, it will be up to you to determine how to achieve them, hopefully by the time you reach level 200 the max level will be increased and new maps will be outÖwe can always dreamÖ


D. Becoming a Soul Master
Upon completing each quest you will get 5 extra stat points, easy math hereÖ totaling 10 stat points from just the quest.

1. Get level 150
2. Speak to the Priest by the sleigh in Devias
3. Give her 1000000 Zen
4. Go get the Scroll of Emperor from Shadows or Cursed Monks (Remember that you must be killing the Shadows or Monks solo, the scroll will not drop if you are in a party or share the experience, also once the scroll drops you have 15 seconds to pick it up before it disappears.)
5. Get level 160
6. Talk to the Priest again
7. Give her 2000000 Zen
8. Find the Soul of Wizard from monsters in Lost Tower 6 | 7 | 8 from Death Knights, and Death Gorgons (Solo Killing!)
9. Return to the Priest and get your class level up to a Soul Master


E. Mastering the PvP of a DW

1. Teleport + Lightning - This is one of the most effective ways of PvPing with a Dark Wizard, just teleport, and while in mid Teleport switch to Lightning and shock them, just keep this up, because the lightning moves them around it makes it next to impossible to target them. Now if you notice they arenít moving, then chances are they are wearing a Pendant of Lightning +3 or better, in which case you move on to the next strategy.
2. Teleport + Hell Fire - This is my favorite combo for PvPing, it lets you get off two Hell Fire attacks in the time it would normally take to do one. Start off with a Hell Fire on the person and quickly teleport while your in the air, while your in mid teleport switch back to Hell Fire and do it again, this leads up to massive damage J. This move takes a lot of practice but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm.
3. Ice + Poison - This is effective as long as they arenít wearing the appropriate ring to counter the attack and stop it from working. To do it all you have to do it Ice them and then Poison them, they will take the damage from poison and still be moving extremely slowly, the duration is increased since your using both ice and poison so they will be like that for a little while. Once theyíre frozen and poisoned then use the Teleport and Hell Fire combo for a usually easy kill.


F. Excellent Item Information
This is to help you decide what excellent options you might want in your equipment if you intend to get excellent items.

Armor, Shield, and Ring Options
Increase Life +4%
Increase Mana +4%
Damage Decrease -4%
Damage Reflection +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increase Zen After Killing Monster +40%

Weapon and Necklace Options
Increase Excellent Damage +10%
Striking power Increase +level/20
Increase Attack Speed +7
Increased Life After Killing Monster +Life/8
Increased Mana After Killing Monster +Mana/8


G. The Dark Wizardís Wings
(Remember as with all things in the Chaos Machine, Luck increases the chances of succeeding)
Wings of Heaven
Level Requirement: 180
Durability: 255
Speed: 15

Options Available with the Wings

Increased Defense
Increased Attack
Absorb Damage


Additional Magic Power +4 | +8 | +12 | +16 (note: it will not come out of the machine +16)

Creating the Wings
1. Obtain a Chaos Item that it at least +4+4 and put it in the Chaos Machine.
2. Put in at least 1 Chaos
3. Put in the appropriate amount of Zen in the Chaos Machine (the amount increases depending on what you put in)
4. Confirm that you are sure that this is what you want to do.
5. Pray that you get the wings you want. (Keep in mind that you can get one of any of the 3 sets of wings from the machine, there is no exact way to get what you want, itís all random what set and options you get if you succeed.)

Wings of Soul
Level Requirement: 215
Durability: 255
Speed: 15

Options Available with the Wings
Increased Defense
Increased Damage
Damage Absorption

Increase Life
Increase Mana
Increase Ag

Ignore Enemies Defense +3%


Additional Wizardry Damage +4 | +8 | +12 | +16
Vital Power Regen +1% | +2% | +3% | +4 % | +5%

Note: When upgrading Wizardry Damage or Vital Power Regen with a Jewel of Life, the option that it upgrades will be random between the two. But once the option hits itís max % it is permanent. (Example: If you have Wizardry Damage +12 and you use a JoL at +12, the option can change to +1% Vital Power Regen, if you use a JoL again it can either change back to Wizardry Damage +4 or go to +2% Vital Power Regen. If you should reach +5% or +16, then you can no longer use a JoL on the item, the option will remain permanent).

Upgrading the Wings (Can only be worn by Soul Masters)
Caution: Just because you put in wings of one type doesnít mean they will come out the same as the type they went in!!! (Example: If you put in Wings of Heaven, they could come out as Wings of Spirit, which is for the Elf not the Dark Wizard!!!
1. Put in the first class wings that are at least +4+4
2. Put in at least 1 Chaos
3. Put in 1 Feather of Loch
4. Put in required amount of Zen
5. Pray that your wings come out as Wings of Soul


H. Chaos Machine

The Chaos Machine is located in Noria, right when you walk into the town in Noria you will notice a little purple goblin and a big machine next to him, this is the Chaos Machine. Any items that you put in the Chaos Machine

Making a Chaos Weapon
1. Put 1 Chaos in the Chaos Machine
2. Put any item that is at least +4+4
3. Put the appropriate amount of Zen in the Chaos Machine (the amount increases depending on what you put in)
4. Confirm that what you have in the Chaos Machine is correct and hope for the best.

I. The Future of Dark Wizards

Future Spells
Blast- 436E 140M
Mana Shield- 509E 70M
Inferno- 578E 200M
Mass Teleport- 644E 90M
Sudden Ice 849E 100M
Death Poison 953E 110M
Hell Burst 1052E 180M

Future Equipment
Dark Soul Set (Soul Master only)
Grand Soul Shield (Soul Master only)
Divine Archangel Staff
Staff of Kundun

Grand Soul Set +0+0 | +7+12 | +9+12
Strength Required: 181 | 230 | 240
Agility Required: 74 | 87 | 90
Defense: 132 | 297 | 327

Staff of Destruction +7+12 | +9+12 (2 Handed) (25 Speed)
Strength Required: 231 | 242
Agility Required: 53 | 55
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 121-130 | 127-136
Wizardry Damage Rise: 75% | 82%

Dragon Soul Staff +7+12 | +9+12 ( 2 Handed) (30 Speed) (Soul Master only, weaker than Staff of Destruction at first but the staff comes with hidden stats if worn with the Grand Soul Set)
Strength Required: 220 | 230
Agility Required: 78 | 80
Minimum-Maximum Damage: 113-117 | 119-123
Wizardry Damage Rise: 70% | 77%


If anything in this guide is incorrect or of you have something that you think I have missed and think it should be in here, then PM me with your idea/correction.

If you have any information regarding any of the Future of the Dark Wizard section then please PM me with it.

As I already said, credit will be given where credit is due.
Special Thanks to Barbarros and Death-Knight for the Soul of Wizard location.

Copyright: William L. Gerdes 2005