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Comprehensive Guide To Training An Energy Dw

Spell listings and Tactics included.

Author: cipher.

Type: General.

Class:Dark Wizard.


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This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated..

I'm basically describing the build that i used to make my DW.. you can see his stats below in my signature.. not a lot of strength, almost no agility, and no vitality.... but a good offensive build.. only downfall is if you cant afford the gear.. you will need an EE most of the time to survive..

Starting off...basic training stratagies and armor and stats layout

level 1-5: your going to want to kill spiders and budges a while.. at this point your going to want to add strength until you can wear a whole pad set with a buckler and skull staff.

5-10: now you should have enough defense to kill bulls and maybe hounds.. so you should kill them for a while and add energy until you can use power wave, after you use can use it, you should move to noria.

10-15: by now you should be able to use power wave and have okay defense, now your going to want to go kill golems until your level 15.. here your going to add strength because your going to want the extra defense in davias against the yetis.. about now.. you should start trying to get a +x+12 pad or bone set if you can get a whole +x+12 set its actually a lot of extra defense.

15-30: now your going to want to party party party.. as much as possible in davias.. again your going to want to add energy..hopefully by level 20 you will have meteor, although i recommend you keep adding until you can use flame.. but if u want to hold off on that spell for a bit.. you can add strength until you can use a bone+4+12 set.. this will require about 75 strength and its plenty of defense for quite a while...the most important spell you can get at this point is teleport.. once you get it.. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! once you get good with teleport, it can and will save your life many times... because DW's have low defense and HP, you have to take advantage of the increased mobility that teleport grants you.

30-40: here you can either decide to solo more or even go party in the ghost room with a higher level DW, again i recommend pumping energy.. if you dont have flame by now.. get it as soon as possible.

40-55: now you need to go down to the bullroom... this is where your extra defense really helps... once you get down there tell them your level and they will be more then happy to party you im sure... your boosting their XP and they absolutely love that lol.. for these levels you want to pump energy more.. hopefully you will have ES by level 55.

55-80: these are the hardest levels for a DW.. a lot of the time people make it this far and quit playing their wizards because its hard to level after this point.. not many people will want to party you.. if your lucky, you might still be able to get parties in the bullroom but it wont be quite as easy now... your best bet is to find a bunch of low level DK's and elves and go kill giants or golems for them.. you can get decent XP from it if you have a full party of level 6-15's. keep adding energy until you can use hlellfire.. then you may want to add some strength for a legendary set.. dont go overboard though.. you only need 155 strength to wear a max legendary set.. do not add any agility at all.. i know its tempting but resist for now... you can add it later.. never add any vitality.. or your other choice is once u have about 230 defense you can start running ghostroom parties and party a bunch of level 20 characters and get 500+ xp per ghost. once you have the strength needed go back to pumping energy.. by now you should be using a decent legendary staff and skull shield. always try to get +x+12 items if u can trust me its worth it...

80-100: okay heres where you have to make a decision, either you can stay in ghost room and party low levels more.. it will still be great XP, the faster you can kill the better, or if you have high level freinds, you can go leech XP in lost tower.. its up to you.. keep adding energy...

100-145: by now you should have pretty high energy probably around 400-450, thats plenty to go kill yetis.. start partying levels 15-30 there.. if you have a good party you can get 1K+ xp per kill.. on a side note.. if your training with low levels... expect to be looted.. it happens theres nothing you can really do about it just be happy that you are getting great XP. keep adding more energy, you should be getting close to the 600 energy mark about lvl 140 if you built it right.. by now you should hopefully wearing +7+12 legendary set and +7+12 legendary staff
with a +x+15 skull shield.. i know that not everyone can afford it, but do the best you can..

145-180: okay now your starting to get to be pretty strong.. once you have about 550 energy and 250+ defense, you should go back down to the bullroom, but this time, youll be running the parties.. party levels 40- 60, and you will get great XP again, probably 700+ a kill, either you can stay there or you can go train in LT with parties.. its up to you... keep adding energy until you have about 700, now you want to start adding more strength, and even some agility(about time huh?), pump strength and agility until you can use a CLS+7+12, yes you will lose the defense from your sheild, but the extra rise will definately help your offensive power. once you have the stats you need for the CLS, go back to pumping energy, and dont stop for anything.. lol

180+: well we are just about done here, from now on.. party in LT all the time, congrats, your a winger high energy DW, keep pumping energy from now on..

Spells: this is a basic explanation of all the spells available to you and what they do.

Power Ball: starting spell, good for really low level.. otherwise not too useful due to slow speed of the attack

Fire Ball: second spell that becomes available... again not that great.. really slow, better damage then power ball

Power Wave: third spell that you get, a lot better then the other 2 you get up to this point, much better damage, and faster attack.

Meteor: fourth spell you get, main offensive spell for most low to mid-level DW's good damage, good speed.

Lightning: much much faster then any other spell you get up to this point, with about the same damage as meteor.

Teleport: most important spell any DW has, no offensive power, but will keep you alive if you take the time to learn to use it properly

Ice: low damage, medium speed, has a small chance of freezing your enemies, good against monsters that run away and for dueling.

Poison: low damage, medium speed, has a small chance of poisoning your enemies, versus monsters the poison damage increases depending on the amount of HP the monster has.

Flame: this will be your main offensive spell for one on one against monsters, cheap mana cost, hits twice per cast, and can hit constantly. also does splash damgage...great damage too.

Twister: good spell for groups of monsters, causes a spin stun, and hits twice per twister.. decent speed and damage.

Evil Spirit: good spell for large groups of monster surrounding you, unfortunately because of the disconnect bug.. its not as useful as it could be. great speed, hits a lot of times if there are a lot of monsters on the screen. again, it will cause spin stin on monsters, has decent damage. very long range.

Hellfire: this is the final spell added to your list, best damage in the game, but really slow.. its also a mana hog... good if your surrounded by monsters that are really close.. very limited range though.

Spell Combinations: There are several spells that when used together greatly increase their effectiveness.

Teleport & Lightning: Best combo for PVP, keep teleporting and switching to lightning throws you opponent around and makes it very difficult to target you.

Ice & Poison: great for pvp as well, you ice your opponent and then cast poison on them, if they become frozen and poisoned, they will remain slowed due to the ice for the combined duration of both spells.

Teleport & Hellfire: this one takes some practice to get right, its also known as a double hellfire, what you do is teleport and just as you reappear, switch to hellfire and right-click, if you time it properly, you will hit with hellfire twice in the time it normally takes to hellfire once.

Hotkeys/Binds: a well set up hotkey group is very important for mages because many times we have to switch back and forth quickly between spells. the setup below is how i currently have mine set up and it seems to work well for both PVM and PVP.

8>Evil Spirit
0>Power Wave

Dueling Tactics: there are many different ways to duel with a DW, some are better then others, but below i will outline what i have found to be the best style for fighting each different class.

Dark Knights/Blade Knights: your best bet when fighting a DK is to stay away from them.. most of the time they can kill you in 1 or 2 skills because of your low defense.. basically keep moving, in order to slow them down you may want to try to use the poison and ice combo i mentioned above, then once they are slowed, teleport around them and use lightning... now i know its tempting to use hellfire to do a lot of damage, but it leaves you vulnerable because its so slow, your best bet is to hit them constantly with lightning even though it does a lot less damage, you can hit them many more times before they will manage to get you. all of that little damage adds up...

Energy Elves: in one respect, energy elves are easy to fight, but they have certain abilities that can make them very very difficult to kill... the main thing you need to remember when fighting an energy elf is to stay away from it's summon, because a bali will probably kill you in 1 or 2 hits... the other thing you want to try to do is run around them and try to get your hits in right as their buff wears off, sometimes when they are fighting, especially if they are using a bow as well, they arent as attentive as usual, so you may have time to teleport in and drop a hellfire on them, but be careful when you do.. and dont forget, they can heal themselves fairly easily, but if you get one good hit in, they will lose the advantage and start having to spam heal on them, once they start healing, just get up to them and hellfire away, most energy elves cant keep up with a DW who does decent damage to them. i have pk'd many winged energy elves using this tactic, so i know it works.

Agility Elves: agility elves are somewhat hard to fight because they have high defense and good ranged damage, your best bet is to slow them down with ice/poison combo then teleport around with lightning, you really cant afford to get close to them because one skill from a decent agility elf will kill most dark wizards. try and stay at least 1/2 a screen away from them and teleport over their heads, it takes time for them to spin around so you can take advantage of that moment to hit them hard, then get away as fast as possible, always move in a circle around them if you just move away, its still easy for them to hit you.

Dark Wizards: well this is where it gets interesting mage versus mage... if your playing against a decent mage you are in for a hard fight, main thing you want to do is never ever stop teleporting, ever... use lightning and if you can, try to get a HF in there, when 2 mages duel, its truly a battle that requires skill and patience. you will probably both be teleporting around and find it very hard to hit your opponent. just be patient and wait for a good opening and zap them with lightning.

Magical Gladiators: MG's are more powerful then normal characters of their level, thats what makes them so dangerous, luckily, they also have less defense due to lack of helm, either way though, they are dangerous foes.. whether it be a strength MG or an energy MG, your best bet its to take advantage of the fact that you can teleport and they cant.. lol hit and run is your best tactic against them, if your fighting a strength MG, you want to use a similar strategy to fighting a DK, same with energy MG's, you want to fight them like you would a DW, except that against an energy MG the poison/ice combo is very effective...

Hunting Tactics: these are some of the best ways i have found to kill monsters fairly quickly. what you are hunting helps to determine the best choice of spells to use.

lorencia/noria: your best spell when hunting in these areas is probably going to be meteor, it does decent damage with an okay speed.

dungeon1: here you can use meteor as well when your hunting solo, but when partying, you may want to use ES in the ghost room, yes, you risk disconnecting, but if you find a good spot to stand you can use it fairly safely. against skeleton archers you may even want to use flame.

dungeon2 and 3: here the monsters are quite a bit harder, your best bet to kill quickly when soloing here is to stick with flame, it hits fast and hard. once you get to higher levels and start running bullroom parties, you can use ES pretty effectively there.

davias: here when your a low level, your probably going to be leeching most of the time, but once you get more powerful and feel like soloing, you can use meteor or flame, they are fairly effective against yetis, once you start running yeti parties, you will find ES to be very effective when killing quickly.

Lost Tower: here your going to get a chance to use combinations of many spells to kill effectively.. you will find yourself switching from flame, to ice, to poison, to hellfire, to evil spirit and and even meteor to conserve mana. the higher level the monster the more effective you will find the poison spell to be.


I hope this tutorial helps all of you low level DW's, or even some of you higher levels out there... remember this is my first tutorial so please post any questions or comments here...

Best of Luck

I would also like to thank everyone who gave me ideas for stuff to put in this Tutorial, you all know who you are.. and i couldn't have done it without you.