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MU Online Guides

Info On E Elf Armor.

To help you decide what to equip.

Author: Ramora.

Type: Items.



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Vine Vs Silk and Wind
so many people ask which is better Vine or Silk? Well heres all the stat requirements and total defences of the sets.
There is not any armor that is better than another just use the requirments to decide how much stats you are going to invest in armors

Vine Set: Str 62 Agi 72 For +7+12 set
Armor 29
Pants 27
Helm 25
Gloves 23
Boots 23
Total 127 defence +5x12 = 187
ad agility bonus defence which is 187+7 = 194
134 Stat points for this set

Silk Set: Str 71 Agi 106 For +7+12 set
Armor 33
Pants 31
Helm 29
Gloves 23
Boots 25
Total 141 defence +5x12 = 201
ad agility bonus defence which is 187+10 = 211
177 Stat points for this set

Wind Set: Str 81 Agi 147 For +7+12 set
Armor 37
Pants 35
Helm 33
Gloves 27
Boots 28
Total 160 defence +(5x12) = 220
ad agility bonus defence whichis 220+14 = 234
228 Stat points for this set

Vine 194 Stats 134
Silk 211 Stats 177
Wind 234 Stats 228

Silk has 17 more defence than Vine but takes up 43 more stat points
17 defence reduces damage by 8 but you could have added 43 stats on energy, which adds 5 reduce damage. So the total reduced damage from upgrading to Silk is 3

Wind has 40 more defence than Vine and takes up 94 more stat points.
40 defence = 20 damage reduce, if you had kept the vine set and added 94 stats to energy you would have an extra reduce damage of 11
So in total wind set reduces damage done to you by 9

upgrading sets doesnt make you tougher If a Vine e elf takes a blow of 60 damage
the Silk Elf will take 57 and the wind elf 51
from upgrading the set you do benifit from getting higher defence rate bonus, and having higher defence rate. Also you do slightly more damage then if you added to energy. The main thing to note is you can use better weapons and shields so usuing wind set you can end up with alot more defence because you can use +7+12 elven shield, where as a vine elf cant even equip it.

Guardian Set: Str 128 Agi 207 For +7+12 set
Armor 47
Pants 43
Helm 41
Gloves 33
Boots 34
Total 198 defence +(5x12) = 258
ad agility bonus defence whichis 258+20 = 278
327 Stat points for this set

I guess your wondering why I added guardian....well its becuase you get guardian E elves,
This is their build
128 Str
207 Agility
20 Vit
1000+ Energy
that counts as an e elf? or is it still an agi elf for wearing guardian?
well 150 stat points more and 84 defence more. 150 stat points would have gotten you 18 damage reduce (36 defence)
A guardian E Elf will take 24 less damage than an E elf of the same level wearing vine.

Exelent Vine Set: Str 70 Agi 120 For +7-4% Damage set
Armor 44
Pants 41
Helm 38
Gloves 33
Boots 32
Total 188 defence = 188
add agility bonus defence whichis 188+12 = 200
190 Stat points for this set

only 56 more stat points than vine armor only 6 more defence though. So You would take 4 damage more by wearing this set, but heres the good bit
it has -20% damage altogether. If you take 100 damage its reduced to 80
50 reduced to 40, 25 reduced to 20 and so on. harder to judge with this becuase the benifit is relative to the damage recieved. In harder maps
I would prefere the exelent set, it takes off 40-60 damage at times. And you still Have a better buff than if you were to wear the other armors
also it can have a second option +10% rate +4% hp +4% mana and it can still have the usual +12 opp (or 16:P)
This set will cost you lots off bless though.

Naked0 points 0 defence
compared with vine thats 134 points saving or 16 reduce damage.....means youll take 81 damage more than a vine elf the same level. Beter buff for your pals tho smile.gif

Summary 2:
Set---- Defence ---- Stats
Vine ------ 194 ---- 134 ---- Strongest Buff, least Equipment
Silk ------ 211 ---- 177 ---- Moderate caste speed moderate stat usage/defence
Wind ----- 234 ---- 228---- Fastest Cast Speed
Gurdian ---- 278 ---- 327 ---- Weakest Buff, Best Equipment
Exelent Vine --- 200(-20%dmg)---- 190 Perhaps the best option low stats Great protection (even with out +12 opt and may have additional option) Extreme cost