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Bit Of Advice On Building E Elf

Author: RedVexx.

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OK here goes!!

Now I'm currently a lvl 110 e elf and maybe some may argue that I dont have the knowledge to write something like this but I believe i can provide a few useful tips tongue.gif

Now first, when you start out in noria and you go chasing after goblins and chain scorpions, expect to die a few times. I took a long time getting out of noria but when you do its all up from there!!

OK, so you've levelled a bit and you think ok lets start to add some energy while your still running round with erect nipples cuz its cold and you're naked. My first advice.....DON'T ADD ENERGY YET!!!! Now your thinking - "I wana be an e elf! What else do i do?" Well its better to give yourself some defence and a weapon to start with so future levels come easier. Maybe get yourself a full set of vine, even +1 or +2 and when you can stand toe to toe with some lower lvl mobs in lorencia, then its time to add energy. Keep plugging away until you have some defence and you reach level 15.....

Go to davias and get ready for swift levelling biggrin.gif

Now the trick here is not to bother telling people you're an e elf. When you are level 15-30 anybody will party you. But look for a party headed by a DK about lvl 60-70 who has a decent weapon with skill and maybe a few other people of similar level. And just dodge everything in Davias for your life and you will soon find you level swiftly. NOW you start to add energy. Pick up all the drops you can in Davias for money.

Now maybe you have gained enough levels to be able to buff? This is the good part!! Now you go to davias and tell the dk's your an e elf and they will all party you, not only because you're low level, but because you can buff too!!! Keep plugging away until you add enough energy to make your buff stronger. All the time look out for vine items which maybe have some +opt defence which will make you a little tougher.

Now at this point its maybe a good time to chance your arm killing skeletons. If you can then great, head for D1, if not stay in Davias and level your energy in parties until you can.

Once you are able to get to D1 you should be able to summon an Assasin at least, if not an Elite Yeti. Now you wont want to take monsters on alone and be having to heal every 3 hits so here's a little tip. Dont summon until you are engaging a mob. This way, it wont be distracted and wander off. Now buff your summoned monster and begin to attack. Your summon should start attacking with you and as soon as it hits, the mob will shif its attention toward your summon and leaving you to do the damage. Always buff yourself every 45 second or so. Then keep working your way to bigger and harder mobs and if you still struggle, you can always go back to davias!!

So lets say you are about lvl its time to make a choice!! Armor and weapons!! It's sensible to set a goal early. I decided that my character would wear +7+12 silks and the best weapon i could find with it. Sure i may have a little less energy than a vine wearing elf of the same level, but in a duel I wont lose because of my superior defence so I believe its worth the sacrifice. So decide what armour you are going for early because you can start quickly and build up your set. I picked up silk+4+12 items very cheap and stopped levelling energy so I could wear them quickly and did the same for an excellent crossbow. It all helps you to accelerate your levelling.

Should you pick up a soul or a bless, its always a good idea to invest in DK or Bali orbs as soon as you can and leave them waiting in you vault. Nothing spurs you on to level better than watching the requirements of your latest item gradually decrease!!!

So lets say now you are able to hunt in D2 alone killing hell hounds. Now for starters, I SWEAR by hell hounds for dropping blesses. I had 3 in 4 days from them!! It also pays to try and get a party in d3 who kill very fast. You may get low xp but the speed can make up for it easily and all you have to do is stay alive!! Remember here, a summoned monster can distract the attentions of a persistent mob!! Like giving a rabid dog a bone.......

Now i kept a similar pattern up until I could kill yetis very swift, then you can go party low levels at Davias or of course carry on soloing D2 or partying D3. And just knuckle down until the magic lvl 80 arrives!!

At this point you should have decided on your required set of armor whether its vine, silk or even wind and you should be building it gradually. Now at LT just keep partying and my recommendation is to get 1 good dk and go to the first room in LT3. Here you will get plenty of good drops and some good xp. And here i found the best place to solo at this level is the square room in D2 after the columns but before the bull room, where poison bull and thunder lich spawns with the odd hell spider just outside.

Remember all the time, build your armor set gradually and keep adding your energy and you will soon find you become quite formidable and often under estimated by DK's!!

You will find quite soon you can summon a bali which is a pretty fearsome thing and takes a hell of a lot of killing and can dish out plenty too, and also that you manage to survive D3 easily. Maybe also guilds will have asked you to join by now?!?! An e elf is very very precious to a guild and is often the core to a succesful hunting guild.

Final tips at high levels......if you want experience, hunt areas of LT where spawn is fast but you can maintain a party safely, maybe LT3/4. Dont venture into 5 unless you have a strong party. And if you want to go hunting items specifically, go to LT6 where monsters are strong but spawn is not too quick.

I've probably missed some things, if anyone wants to add then please do!!