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How To Deal With The Mu Community

The complete guide

Author: Brat_15. Type: General.
Class:All. Subclass:All.
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hello everyone! biggrin.gif

this is going to be my first guide, so i would appreciate any comments you could give me. biggrin.gif i hope to be able to post more guides soon to do my part for MuHQ and to be able to help any new players out there, and so as my first guide, i hope this could benefit not only those who read it but also myself (as a learning experience) smile.gif

this guide will tackle all the aspects of the MU community. from trading, to dealing with KSers, you can find (hopefully) all the information you need here. there are guides similar to mine (such as those done by ChronicaL and Yong85 which i believe are very good guides), but this guide will contain tips on how to deal with the various people in the MU community. biggrin.gif

i hope you will find this guide useful. smile.gif

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