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My 3 Years Of Experience (part 1 Dark Wizard)

(i worte 2 books) DWvsDK, prev.scam, secretJewels, Newitems, pickDWitems

Author: secretmp.

Type: General.


Subclass:Soul Master.

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I will be talking about: How to kill a DK using a DW
How to pick you DW set
How to get rich
How to pick a DW staff
Prevent scamming/scammerís methods
Preview of the NEWEST ITEMS
I played MU in different servers for 3 years in different languages, seen everything. Rated 10 guide

1. Comparison between Staff of Resurrection and Legendary Staff
2. Comparison Between CLS and the Legendary staff
3. DW PvP methods
4. Best Set for Dark wizards
5. Scamming methods(prevent you from getting scammed)
6. Secret to looting Jewels
7. Newest items of MU online

Introduction of Dark Wizards:

DW is the hardest character to level in MU. Anyone who can level a wizard to 250 must be mentally strong. I stopped at level 208, simply because of the fact that I got hacked.
Before level 120, str has to be added for armor, attack will be low, DW is not good for anything at that time. DK can level up 5 times faster at that time. I remember when I was lvl 70, 130HP, 3 hits by the monster in D3 and Iím back in town. Seeing 2 lvl 60 DK handle it just fine, and I had to get a friend of mine, a E-elf to help me in D3. One sentence for DW is: ĎDying is just a matter of timeí.
Before level 140, donít even think about killing a DK. Just make sure you donít get your self killed in 1 hit. For DW pvp methods, see my method of killing later on in this guide.
And this is my first guide, if you rate me high, i will certainly write more. Please leave some positive comments. hehe ^^

Comparison between Staff of Resurrection and Legendary Staff:

DWs around level 100 should think about a one-handed staff, one more shield adds so much more defense and rate. Only 2 good one-handed staffs for wizards 100+:

Leg: +7 STR:140 54%dmg rise
Res: +7 STR:183 AGI:47 59%dmg rise
Without 20 AGI that wizards started with, you need 70 more points for Resurrection.

Letís start with a DW that have 360energy(holding Resurrection), 360+70= 430(holding leg.)

Basic damage: Leg+7: 48-108
Res+7: 85-158

Dark spirit:
Leg+7: 93-176
Res+7: 85-158

Aqua Flash:
Leg+7: 128-228
Res+7: 120-210
(My calculations might be 1 or 2 attack points different in the game, but it is close)

With the assumption of 360energy, Leg Staff is obviously better. But, eventually with more energy, Res Staff with be better. 5% more damage by the Staff of Resurrection in high energy is have far more damage that just 18 points shown above.
DW needs (736(EN) +27(AGI) + 165(STR)) for Res staff to be better than leg staff in damage, which is about level 186.

With the above calculations, I think for the highest damage, use legendary staff, at least before level 160. Most people are starting to use CLS or the new staff of destruction which is coming out soon, by level 160 (which i'll talk about next). If you like attack more over defense. But, itís entirely up to you. +12additional damage staffs should be avoided as you level, % is far more greater than just +12 additional dmg. For a cheap also high attack staff, buy a +3+0+luck legendary staff to start with when low level, and not a +3+12+luck Resurrection staff.

Comparison Between CLS and the Legendary staff:

In order for you to hold a +9 CLS, you need 54STR 30AGI more than the leg staff. Obtianed 6 defence, 10 defense rate, 15+13.6 attack rate, 1 attack speed using CLS. Lost 84/4=21*161%=33.81 attack power, and a shield. only by having more than 338 basic damage, should you use CLS.

DW PvP methods
I remember when I first saw the introduction of DWs, it said wizards are the strongest character in game. That turned out to be not true at all. Low defence, not even half the HP of a DK. Attack too low for rich DKs, Elfs.
Before level 140, the only spell can really be used to pvp is Hellfire Which is slow, damage low (compare to that of DKs), not enough for anything better than +7+12 plate set. However, after level 180, after a wing is wore, I can play'' with a DK until he slowly and painfully dies (If he does not add life).
I played MU China and MU Korea, saw some interesting DKs. Everytime they level up, they add 1 STR, 1AGI, and 3HP. By the time they are level 100or0or2 , they have around 1800HP with a good set of armor. Even though their attack is low, they have a 5% reflect dmg set. I dueled him when i was level 220 (him level 100). I lost 23 times straight. I can hit him around 500-700, after 2 hits, I died of reflecting....
Other than those DKs, Dw can kill anyone around their level.

This is how I play (with DK):
Start with a teleport outside of the safety area.

NOTE: If you click too far on the screen, you will be auto. send back to the safety area. Depending on your and your opponentís internet speed, they might be seeing you standing outside of the safety area for a seconds or 2 (This is called DELAY). You will see yourself getting killed in the city. Might also get disconnected.

Fastest spell when teleporting, lightning. Use it when teleporting, after it hits your opponent immediately change back to teleport. So, you would be flying right when you hit the ground.

NOTE: only use lightning when teleporting, if you hold the lightning spell for too long. It will hit your opponent again when landing, delaying your time to teleport again. At that second, the DK will surely kill you. Because of DELAY, you can not see DK attacking you until he hits you for the first attack.

Try staying at least 3 steps away from the DK, the longest range skill for the DK is Hacking which only need you to be around 3 steps close to him (3 steps is about 3/8 of your screen).

Try estimating his HP, if you think he has 600 HP, then after you do about 600 damage. Jump 1 step around him, and do a double hell fire. (double hellfire can be done, before teleporting use hellfire. After seeing even a little bit of red flames around you, immediately switch to teleport beside your opponent. By then you will see yourself disappeared in the air.)

By the time you do double hellfire, there is 80% your opponent will die. 50% that you will die. Many DKs died in my hands, just like that. Later on in the game, a skill inferno will be used to replace hellfire.

Before the double hell fire ends, switch back to teleport (if you survived, and even if he died, still teleport because of DELAY, he might not see him self died and kill you with him). Then try lightning again, repeat the cycle. And that is pretty much the secret of killing any character. It took me 3 month before I got the hang of the double hellfire. The truly strongest character is the DWs.

Best Set for Dark wizards:

For now, the best set at the end for DWs should be Exc. Sphinx set, +life +4% dmg decrease. With or without the exc. options, exc. Sphinx is not everyone can afford. +9 Legendary set doesnít even have over 300 defense.

In lost tower 3-4, if you can find, 3 exc. pieces of +4% dmg decrease +7+0(or better) bone, and 2 pieces of +9+12 bone, leg or skull shield. Total defense should be around 260+, letís say the original damage received is 200.

1st: 200 * 4%=16
2nd: 184 * 4%= 8
3rd: 176 * 4%= 7 about 169 damage is actually received with 0 defense.
With the set mentioned, defense 260, should be able to absorb 130 damage. The actual damage received is 40. Which is better than +9+12 legendary set which have around 280 defense.
So, in lost tower 3-4 with this set, damage received should be around 30-40. With this set, a level 120 DW can try and level by himself in Lost Tower 3!!! Which will get you 450-700 EX!!! Most DWs at that time can only get 350 (average). With enough HP, level 160, DW can train in Lost Tower 4.

Why not get a full set bone with +4% dmg decrease?

After the 3rd absorb, the effect is not as great as the first 3. Most people does not have enough wealth to make it +7with additional defense either, which in defense is not better than +9+12. +9+12 bone today is only a few blesses (3,4or5). 3 pieces is already hard to collect. Still, a full set is a lot better, but make sure it's more than +7+0, at lease +7+12.

In lost tower 3, level 160, could handle 4 monsters at a time. Lost tower 3 have some of the slowest monsters, bring a E-elf or having +life option might increase your chance of survival.

For a higher level, try getting even a better set. Build on from the bone set, obtain a complete or 4 peices of +4%DD bone.Adding it to +9, it really doesn't have to be. By then you could take on the those bigger fishes in Atlans. I recommend getting good option pad set, it is very easy to get, getting +4%DD should not be too hard, even try to get double option, +4%HP.

Just a few days ago, I saw some one selling Exc. Sphinx set +11+16 +4%DD, 2 of them has luck, 2 of them have +4% HP, 2 of them have 40% zen. Iím like ďWOW!!!!Ē, I never seen a better DW set.

Scamming methods:
(not to teach you how to scam, itís here to not let you get scammed!)

1. ďIím leaving MU Global, Free Jewels and Items!Ē 90% who says this are all scammers. I almost got scammed this way. When I came up to him, he said: ĒLetís see your set.Ē Then I showed him, he said, Ďnothing good, here have this!í He put in a bless in the box, at that moment, I didnít realize that my +9+12 bone set is still in there. And I almost clicked the O.

2. Many people use this method for lower class items. Example, he shows you a +3+12+luck legendary, asks you for one bless. When you decided it was a good deal, and went to the storage to get the bless jewel. The second time, he puts in a +3+0 with no luck legendary. One second, then itís gone.

3. This method, which I lost a soul and a bless through it. The person first said ĎDuplicating jewels for 100k!í. I thought, what the hell, Iíll give him a chaos, who cares about a chaos. When I gave him the chaos and the 100k, he disappeared. After about 3 min, he came back, gave me 5 chaos. At that time, I wasnít thinking. Iím dreaming about how I was going to get a full inventory of jewels. Then I gave him a bless and a soul, told him to dupe, he disappeared again. After 3min, I was swearing all over server 1.

4. I once saw someone posting a secret event, said u have to go to the secret event site to enter. He made a exact same copy of the global website. Requested for my acc and pass at first. I went and created a new account, typed in the acc and pass. Haha, the web page turned blank.

Secret to looting Jewels:

1. Many users think there is a point in time where jewels will drop, and after the drop you have to wait a long period of time or something. But I donít think that is true, jewels donít drop at the exact same time in every map. Therefore, for that to happen, every account must have a profile which Webzen keeps which will take tons of money and storage space.

2. In MU, and other online games. There will be a number set for the server. Number of X item dropped in Y time. And it does not keep up with the numbers of users online, because the users online are constantly changing, the server cannot keep up. Meaning if you are the only player in the global server, setting 100 souls per day. If you play for 24 hours, youíll get 100 souls. 10,000 people online will still only get 100 souls.

One advice to getting jewels for DWs
Some people add STR to hold a good staff when in a lower level. But, I prefer higher energy, crap staff when low level. Because, youíll have more mana, I think if you try and hold your position at one place without reppot can get you massive jewels. About half month ago, before I quit MU. I got 5 souls, 1 bless, 2 Satan, in 4 short hours! I kept in the same spot in Atlans for 4 hours. I never seen one time that you stayed at the same spot, non stop killing for more than 2 hours and got nothing. But, when some one tried to KS you, or attack the same monster. The possibility of you getting a good items is crushed in half. And youíll have to recount the time. My advice is, find a good spot with or without a party, keeping using dark spirit, and you will be rich in no time.

Newest items of MU:

About a month ago, a new map was created in MU china and MU korea. A map that is even harder than icarus. The droping jewel rate in there is extremely high, especailly the Jewel of Creation. But, even killing one monster in there is quite a challenge. New items, quests and events are born. One new character was created.

The new items:

Dark wizard:

Dark Flames set, a set that exceed the grand soul set, requires high STR and AGI which make a dark wizard powerful. Also makes a dark wizard unable to finish its powerful spells.

Staff of Kundun, a staff forged from the bones of the strongest monster in whole MU continient. It's power is Equivalent to the staff of destruction. (one-handed. +0 50% damage rise)

Poison flames, 2 deadly stars fallen to destory everything it hits
Blizzard, a fast, high range spell that will quickly blow away your opponents
anger of hatred, only the most powerful wizard can master this skill, consider to have the widest range and highest attack of any other spells or skills. (requires more than 1000 energy, when it's first learned, it can do as much as 3000 damage to every monster that is on the screen! But in order to have such attack power, you have to have enough mana which most DW does not. Even at 1000 energy.)

Dark knight:

Dragon flames, made from hundreads of dead dragons, made for agility-stregth knights. Anyone who obtain this set will be invincible.

The sword of Moonlight, (description classified)


Magic gladiator:

Magic god, it is worn by the holy god, who achieved to be both wizard and knight. But, could not master the Soul master skills. (Set that have the highest defence in the game.)

Sky thunder blade: contians a new skill that wipes out everything in it's path(description classified)
The sword of wizardry: a sword that is never found, people say it raises both wizardry damage and strength power.(skill classified)

(classified), a skill that can overthrown even the dark spirit


Set: Holy Soul, (description classified)
weapon: Moonlight saint bow, (description classified)
Skill: (None)

New character:(classified)

If you found this useful, rate it 10!!!! And I will write more about jewels, scamming, and item picking for other character class. PvP DK methods I will be talking about, will help to win evenly matched DK duels. The new items for DK, MG, elf, and the mystery character. This is basicly a introduction, not yet a detained explanation. By the way i'm 15 years of age, how about you? Leave a few comments, Thank you!