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MU Online Guides

My 3 Yrs Of Exp (part Iii Item Options!!!)

Exc opts., New set options, chaos combinations, calculation equations

Author: secret.

Type: General.



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1. Calculation equations
2. Secret of Chaos combinations and Wing combinations
3. Exc. Options (dmg)
4. Excellent Options (defenses)
5. New set options

I know part III is suppose to be Elfs and MGs, but it takes a longer time to write that guide. And i don't have that much time these days, so.... yeah. Please take the time and read through, i garrentee my 3 years of playing MU, might help you quite a bit. Thank you!!!

1. Calculation Equations

Simple equations to calculate your defenses attack and stuff. Most players know this, but i'll still post it up.


Dark Knights:

Max attack: STR/4 + weapon max. attack
Min attack: STR/8 + weapon min. attack
Damage success rate: LV.*5 + AGI*1.5 + STR/4
Defense: AGI/3 + Total equipment defense
Defense rate: AGI/3 + shield defense rate (10% if full set)
Skill damage: Skill 200% + (EN/10)
Attack speed: AGI/15 + equipment speed + Exc. options

HP: 80 + LV*2 + (VIT-25)*3

Dark Wizards:

Wizardry damage:
-Max attack: EN/4 + Spell damage 150% + % raised by staffs
-Min attack: EN/9 + Spell damage 100% + % raised by staffs
(Staff % raise: Staff min attack/2 + Staff level*2 + % amount)

Damage success rate: LV.*5 + AGI*1.5 + STR/4
Defense: AGI/5 + Total equipment defense
Defense rate: AGI/3 + shield defense rate (10% if full set)
Attack speed: AGI/20 + equipment speed + Exc. options
HP: 80 + LV + (VIT-15)*2


Bows and Crossbows:
Max attack: AGI/4 + weapon attack
Min attack: AGI/8 + weapon attack
Other weapons:
Max attack: STR+AGI/4 + weapon attack
Min attack: STR+AGI/8 + weapon attack

Attack success rate: lv*5 + AGI*1.5 + STR/4
Defense: AGI/10 + Total equipment defense
Defense rate: AGI/4 + Shield defense rate

Orb Spells:
Healing Orb: EN/5 +5
Greater Defense Orb: EN/8 +2
Greater Damage Orb: EN/7 +3

HP: 80 + LV*1.5 + (VIT-20)*2

As you see, DKs have the advantage in both attack and defense, rate and HP. But they are not always the strongest (in my opinion).

Potion restore rate:

V=Potion level

Apple: Restore rate 10%, V=5
Small potions: Restore rate 20%, V=10
Medium potions: Restore rate 30%, V=20
Large potions: Restore rate 40%, V=30

Health potions:
Restore ammount = [ V*10 + LV-2 + HP(max) * %restore)

Health potions:
Restore ammount = [ V*10 + LV + MP(max) * %restore)

NOTE: The potions can at least add 3 HP or MP, if the amount is lower than 3 after calculated. Assume the amount is 3.

2. Secret of Chaos combinations and Wing combinations

Chaos weapons:

I know you all know how to make chaos items, i have some experience and secrets in making chaos items. I once spend 2 weeks making them over and over.(i know i'm crazy tongue.gif) If you are rich, try those below, and give me a few blesses. (i'm kidding biggrin.gif, but if you want to, mail me smile.gif.haha)

1. For Chaos Dragon Axe + skill, i suggest using +7+8+luck+skill (or better) double blade or great sword. 80% of the time (if a dragon axe comes out), it has a skill.

2. For options or luck, put in blesses or souls. 4 blesses 50% comes out with luck, 30% with option. 4 souls 50% with options, 30% with luck. Use 2 chaos instead of one.


I think everyone knows how to make a wing. I use a way of amking good wings. 80% of the time it comes out with luck or option, 50% coming out with both luck and options. 23% of coming out as +12+luck. About 20% are +0, 20% are +1, 30% are +2, 20% are +3 and 10% are +4. I made exactly 200 wings, those are the statistics. You might think my way is stupid, you do think so, just skip this part. If you are interested, and you are planning to make a wing anyways, try my way! Thank you.

1. You don't really need skilled weapon for better results, +7+8 CDA or CLS (again, or better) would be a good choice.

2. Estimate how much chaos you need, bring 3 blesses, 3 souls, 1 angle, and tons of chaos.

3. Put the Chaos weapon right in the middle of the 32-grid chaos machine.

4. Put the chaos around and touching the Chaos item, try not to let 2 same jewels in the same row. The outer edge of the box (first column, last column) should not have any chaos.

5. Place 2 bless, 2 souls in the 4 corners.

It might be be better to just buy 1 bless worth of chaos and fill in the full box with the chaos item. Better chance and cheaper, but if you are intersted and bored, try my method, it just might help.

It order to increase better success rate, +4+12 option could be the best choice. When training, pick up those +12 option small weapons. Double bladeis a good material.

3. Excellent Options (dmg)

1. 10% Excellent damage

Perhaps the best option. 10% of the chance, gaining 30% more damage. But, everyone knows a more stable damage is better than a high max attack and a low min attack. 30%*10%= 3% damage raise, could be used when PKing. When you have 2 single handed weapon and a pendant. 30% of the chance gaining 130% damage. 9% damage rise, and 18% if you are a knight. Wow, that's really something.

2. + 1/20level dmg

This is the best one for knights. Three 1/20 option, means 1/5 level and not 3/20. But it's actaully 1/2.5, when you use the skill for DKs. Raises about 120 damage when you are level 300, best option from the statistics.

3. 2% damage increase

Most stable damage increase, if you aer not playing in a private server. You might find this as the same as +1/20 level, might even be better. For high power knights. By the time you are level 300, i assume you'll have 1500 damage on weaker monsters. 3 options, 6% raise, plus 200% skill, 12% damage rise (180 attack rise). Wizards or elfs might like 1/20 better, because they don't have 200% skill damage. But for DKs, 2% is better.

4. +7 speed

This is a good option when training. But PvP, you can hardly tell the difference. You might want to try 3 of these options with 10% defense rate options. Train safe and with fast attack, not low either.

5. +1/8 MP & 1/8 HP

I'm not good sure about these two, they are kind of providing you with more potions. I think these are crap, some people kind it when AFKing. Hold longer at a certain place.

4. Excellent Options (defenses)

1. +4% damage decrease

Best defense option, with a full set +shield, (1-4%)^8. Getting 72.14%(average) damage abosorbed. WoW!

2. 10% defense rate

Treasure for AGI elfs. Try collect a whole set. 1.1^8 = 214.36% defense rate rise. +10% more on 214.36% if you a set of the same armor. For 1000 AGI, 250 defense rate, +about 50 if you have a shield (let's just say you do). 250*214.36%=536, +10% more, 589. For monsters, to COMPLETELY miss you, monster's level*5 has to be lower than 707. That means, level 117 or lower monsters will have a hard time hitting you. Think about it, with 1000AGI and that set, you are pratically invincible. But, it's almost impossible to collect.

-Not yet finished-

5. New set options
-Not yet finished-