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ROSE Online Guides

Soldier/champ (stats/skills/+more) Edited: 2008

Teaches you a simple way to make a champ

Author: SpLiTdRIFT.

Type: General.



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This guide has been newly edited from beta R.O.S.E to a more current one.

Table Of Contents
3)Important Skills
4)Other Skills

The soldier can choose to change class to a champion or a knight.
Since this is a champ guide, I will talk about the champ, if you wish that you would rather like to be a knight, go to a different guide. The champion is the major damage person. It's basically a kill anything thing. The champ is basically a one on one type that kills anything with their strong damage. Champs are generally for boss killing or PvP.

The main stats are STR and CON and the sub-stats are SEN and INT

Heres the info on each stat:

-Increases Damage of Melee Attacks
-Increases Defense Against Physical Damage
-Increases Max HP
-Increases Weight Capacity

-Increases Damage of Bows/Crossbows and Dual Weild Weapons
-Increases Avoid/Dodge Rate
-Increases Moving Speed

-Increases Max MP
-Increases Magic Defense
-Increases Magic Damage

-Increases Gun, Launcher, and Magic damage
-Increases Hit Rate
-Increases Crafting Success
-Increases HP and MP Recovery Rate

-Increases Rewards of Guests
-Increases Drop Rate of Certain Items

-Increases Critical Hits
-Increases Quality of Crafted Items

Stat info from Phr34k

For a champ, I prefer to put around 40-60 con and the rest in str, but its all personal don't have to follow my way. EDITTTT. okay so instead of just 40-60 con, base your con by what level you are. So for example, if you're lvl 75, you would have 75 con.

To distribute your stats, generally I would focus on putting CON and SEN based on your level number and have INT half of that, and finally the rest would go to STR. You do not have to follow this. Change it up if it makes you feel better.

Here are the skills for Soldier/Champ


Weapon Mastery it gives the damage for weapons of one-hand and two-hand weapons. It increases the damage of one-hand weapon by 33 and two-hand weapon by 45 when its lvl 10. This damage would only go higher if you upgrade one-hand mastery or two-hand mastery, but since its a champ, it would be two-hand mastery. It affects some skills that do melee damage such as leap attack.
LVL: 10

Two-Hand Mastery This is the skill that adds to weapon mastery. It basically continues the damage after 45. When you get to Champ max it out. Though the skill point requirement is a lot. Just like weapon mastery, it also does the same thing
LVL: 10

Armor Mastery it increases defense rating up to 43 max. We know that champs are all offensive and not defensive so the champs defense is not as good as the knights. Knights are the only one that can attain 11-20 points here. This skill is needed to be maxed out in early levels to handle more damage. It also helps in the defense deduction made by berserk.
LVL: 10

Hardened Body This skill is that raises your max hp. At lvl 10, which is maxed for you until lvl 70, is 300 life. I'd max this if I were you because this can make you tank more and survive longer.
LVL: 10, 20 (LVL 70)

Quick Step This skill increases the speed of your movement. It's also good for PvP because you can get up to them really fast and kill them or just run away. feel like racing on the against your buddies? Then this is the skill for you. This skill also makes your car go faster.
LVL: 5, 10 (LVL 70, or you can add some [Personal Preference])

Mental Mastery This is the skill that raises your max mp. This is the useless skill. Even though it is useless, still get it because if you're a solo champ you can get blood attack which absorbs your enemies hp. You should get enough mental mastery for lvl 3 blood attack. More info on blood attack in Active section.
LVL: 5-7 for Blood Attack (Trust me blood attack is worth the points, so is mental mastery)

Note: THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU SHOULD GET AND ONLY GET. Any others is your choice, but get these for sure.

I forgot some of the skills, so I'm going to be brief about it.

Leap Attack ah...leap is the start of your best skill. It is the damage skill. You may say that it takes some life away but who cares its only a few and you can be dealing A LOT OF DAMAGE. This skill is the prerequirement for the strongest skill you will get, "Champion Hit"
LVL: 10

Champion Hit This is the godly power attack. 160 damage begins at first level and increases by 17 each level. Also it uses mp instead of hp. Downside of the attack is it consumes 70mp at first level and increases by 4 by each level. So a lot of mp is needed to continuously use the uber skill. This skill should be totally maxed out to make outrageous damage, again the downside is mana consumption. Cool down rate for this skill is longer. You can execute leap while recharging.
LVL: 10

Berserk a kind of duration skill. It increases offense but giving up some defense. This is probably an important skill for a champ. It adds a total of 57 attack and defense -25 at level 10 and lasts fairly long. You can max it out from 11-20 when you reach level 70. The bad side of this skill is the defense loss.
LVL: Personal Preference(Your Choice)

Blood Attack a leeching skill. As you attack using this skill you could recover some hp in exchange for mp. Not that important because it uses a lot of mp. Though this skill is a lifesaver because it recovers 200+ hp instantly giving you some allowance to recover and to live longer in battles. You don't really need food with this skill. Cool down rate is pretty good.
LVL: 1-3 (Also Personal Preference)

Note:THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU SHOULD GET AND ONLY GET. Any others is your choice, but get these for sure.

4)Other Skills
The part where I say what about other skills, I forgot what skills they had so I'm going to be brief.

Heavy Attack - Prerequirement of space attack. This is a damage attack but not as powerful as leap attack and champion hit. This doesn't really do much damage like those attacks, but if you want to obtain space attack, max this out. Uses mp to use. Cool down rate is pretty fast. I wouldn't get this.

Space Attack - This is the skill right after heavy attack. You can get it after you max heavy attack and at lvl 70. It makes its attack by using the spirit of the weapon you are wielding. Ranged attack of 20m makes it good for spamming first hits to the bosses. For PvP you could also use this for range attack and running away from the enemies. Leap attack and champ hit still owns than this skill. Uses mp to use. I wouldn't get this.

Double Attack / Triple Attack This is a damage attack that makes a two hit combo way much weaker than leap attack and champ hit. Uses mp to use. Level 11 double attack requires for level 70. Once the skill level reaches 19-20 it will automatically be turned to triple attack. New animation for your attack that makes a three hit combo. I would get this.

Spin Attack an AoE(Area of Effect) skill with a spinning attack ranging up to 20m. This skill has a lot of sp requirements and it's not really strong. It has a long cool down too. You can get this if you want, champs don't really have AoE attacks.

If you have any other questions about a skill feel free to ask

Best Equipment Options:
Armor: Generally try to get anything with a prefix in front of it such as, "Elven" of "Legend" and then hope to see that it has good dodge too. Champs generally want either 7/7 gear, or 2/15, or 3/15, or anything that adds damage. Armor should be refined as well.

Weapon: Spears are generally recommended. Also try to find a prefix in front of it. Also get it refined pretty high. Needs high hit rate for those dodgers. If the spear is also 7/7, 2/15, 3/15, etc. thats even better.

Jewelry: Basically you would want R7's or Ruby (Grade 7). If you can't get those, settle for something like R3's

Wings or Backshield: Wings is for movement and dodge and backshield has more defense but its all personal preference. Try to get stats on the wings and see if they have good dodge or what not. You would want 7/7, 2/15, 3/15, etc. anything that adds damage.

This guide is distrubuted freely for anyone to share with, but please do not take the guide and re-modify it and re-distribute to anyone as their own w/o asking me. Please give me credit for my work. Thanks. smile.gif

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to me.

Written By SpLiTdRiFT 2005