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Archer Guide

really simple

Author: jimmierock.

Type: General.



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in this i will write just what stats and what skills and build you should. nothin else , lvlin and quest i think is a waste of time since is everywhere else.

Advantage:Far range, not that weak mag damage, ok atk speed.

Since archer have ok mag damage u want keep stacking on it
you might think of full int? no is not that for full int. is better for 2 int and 1 str because, you dont want to have ur phsyical atk+def way out of balance, and the hp bonus is always good.

Ice is always good with archer. But ice is not enough for u survive at higher lvls, Freezing, and frostbite is always good. so they cant catch up to you. at 1-20 u can stick to pure ice, after that few lightining is good. like the m.atk boost and spd, so when u frostbite them and u can gain distance faster, and since ur a m.atk hybrid any extra m.atk bonus is good. there is only 2 skills u need from lighting. Grass walk flow, and the m.atk boost, dont lvl them above lvl1 is a waste. cuz later on ice gets better skills for archers. Ice wall protection is good, u can use it and stay in the wall. instead frostbite attack is good. frost nova is good. high chance of frozen+frostbite. storm ice shot is also good. High percentage stack.

Archer Skills:
the 1st archer skill is must need, the autumn wind blow is garbage, sure is little stronger but as u get higher lvl Crit stacks with imbue is insane dmg. the 20 dmg extra from autumn blow wont do much. and double shot is also good to have, why? more chance of frozen and frostbite with ice imbue. ok skipped 2nd hawk, the dmg dont stack so is useless, get the 3rd one! Demon soul arrow is must get! far range the better means u can run and hit better. cheap tatics. and strong bow arrow is good for high dmg stack. i recommend u spend on anti-devil shot, crit stack owns. rest of the skills wont effect as much, play around with them if you want.

Advantage of this build:
Well you can propelly kill all thoes pure int and noob lightning spears people around, freeze and run around like a bitch, they cant really hit u with frostbite.
Well a pure str fire glaive propelly kill u, cuz they can propelly just eat all ur hits, unless u get lucky with crits.

Feed back please, this build is not good for the 1st character, 2 int and 1 str build require more pot+rest at the begining of the game.

This build is more like build for PVP and stuff.

PLEASE Make feedback.(PM if nesscary) if you think this guide is good, i might make a Ice/Swordman Guide.